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The SPATZ HDMIFIX is a HDMI/DVI EDID simulator that provides 11 editable display EDID's and emulates the selected EDID to the attached PC computer or HD source. The HDMIFIX manipulates the HDMI/DVI source ( PC computer,Laptop, HDDVD, BlueRay) emulating a HDMI/DVI display (LCD monitor or projector) for continuous video output, even if the attached display is disconnected or powered down.
The EDID presets allow the user to set up any HDMI/DVI output resolution, regardless of the used projector or monitor.
The unit has push buttons and a numeric display for selection of the stored EDIDs.
The RS-232 port allows remote preset selection, Firmware updates and can output the current configuration to a terminal programm.
With an optional PC attached you can read the adjustments in real text on your computer screen.


HDMIFIX is a very handy tool if you want to switch displays without loosing the HDMI/DVI signal from the source. Most computers will deactivate the DVI output when the monitors EDID is not present and HDMI sources can be forced in a desired format.
Especially with MATRICES and Switchers we recommend the HDMIFIX for every soure to increase switching time and have reliable and consistent system performance.

EDID emulation:

Most HDMI or DVI sources are reading the EDID of the attaced display and then limit the selectable output resolutions of the graphic card.
The HDMIFIX allows on the fly change of the EDID creating the information that is necessary for your application.


The EDID memories 01 to 11 are factory preset, more memories are available for learning from any display.
Presets 01-10 may be edited by the user, including video, audio, color space, audio bit depth and number of audio channels.

Memory 00 is passing the connected displays EDID information.
Memory 11 can learn any displays EDID, store it and pass it to the source.


  • HDMI 1.3 Input HDCP
  • HDMI 1.3 Output HDCP
  • DC 2mm adaptor 5V DC 100 mA
  • Dimensions 76 x 30 105 mm
  • supports all HDMI functions inlcuding AUDIO EDID
  • full HDCP support
  • will force HDDVD, BlueRay sources to 1080@60p or 24p
  • Fully HDMI compatible including Audio
  • Can learn HDMI EDID from any display
  • PS3 1080p (also 1080@24p) compatible
  • RS-232 control and firmware update port
  • Outputs real text over RS-232 while adjusting

HDMI and EDID tutorial - click here

Manual 26 kb
Application with HDMI-X44 444kB

HDMIFIX HYPERTERMINAL Config file - right click

FIRMWARE update page for HDMIFIX/DVIFIX- click here