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SPATZ Barracuda offers for the first time the combination of sophisticated deinterlacing with HDMI 1.3 switching. The DCDI deinterlacing and perfect film mode of this unit will guarantee best video quality for analog video sources and HDTV experience with older technologies.
Especially sport broadcasts will benefit from DCDI eliminating all jaggies on moving objects or diagonal lines.
The unit integrates up to 10 sources into one HDMI output so one cable run to the display will be enough to transport both video and audio.
In your system the Barracuda remote will do all the switching with one button operation and even your family will understand this simple operation. No headaches with complicated AV receiver setups for regular TV watching any longer.
An additional optical digital audio output will feed an optional 5.1 surround system, however if you want to use the integrated speakers of your TV, the Barracuda is the first choice for your switching needs.The 6 analog video inputs are PAL/NTSC/SECAM compatible and will be deinterlaced to a 480p for NTSC or 576p output signal for PAL sources. Each video input has a corresponding stereo audio that will be embedded with the video to a HDMI output signal that transports both video and audio.
Altogether you will find 2 composite Video, 2 S-Video, 2 YPrPb  SD/HD or RGB SCART inputs for satellite receivers, game consoles or a DVD-Player + 6 RCA pairs for stereo audio.
The 4 HDMI inputs support HDMI 1.3 and are passed untouched to the output.
Control of the Barracuda is either Infrared Remote with OnScreenDisplay, RS-232 or a single button on the front panel to cycle through the 10 inputs with feedback through a numeric display for selected input that can be deactivated in the setup menu.

The component inputs will handle SD or HD signals up to 1080p and will become the good friend of the numerous HD satellite receivers or X-BOX users with analog HD outputs.

Composite and S-Video inputs are decoding the signal with a 11 Bit AD converter in the very best quality that can be used today and will deliver the best results technically possible for your older source equipment.
The audio input levels of the 6 inputs have adjustable presets so switching sources will not require readjustment of the speaker level.

2 x Composite Video
2 x S-Video
4 x HDMI 1.3
6 x RCA stereo audio 


1 x HDMI
1 x optical digital audio


Supported Input SD/HD resolutions for RGB/YPrPb:

- 480i, 576i, 480p,576p,720p (50,60 Hz),
- 1080i (50/60 Hz),

PAL/NTSC interlaced formats are digitized and deinterlaced to 480/576p. Any TV with a HDMI input will understand and work with this output format.

YPrPB HD Input  formats are AD converterd and passed untouched to the HDMI output without any scaling or deinterlacing.

Extremely powerful EDID simulator for each input sepearately configurable. Check out the HDMIFIX to learn more about this

 Supported PC formats :


 Power supply included 5VDC  2 A

  •  PS3 1080p (also 1080@24p) compatible
  •  HDMI 1.3 compatible
  •  Powerful EDID Simulator per HDMI input
  •  independing routing of analog stereo inputs to HDMI inputs

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